About us

Becker & Associés is a Patent Law firm specialized in Pharmacy, Chemistry and Life Science.

Becker & Associés is an Intellectual Property Law firm founded in 1999. We bring to our clients our expertise, creativity and commitment in acquiring and defending their Industrial Property rights.

The partners and associates at Becker & Associés possess a high scientific qualification, and are registered French and European Patent Attorneys. Several of us have served previously in the patent department of Pharmaceutical, Chemical or Biotech companies, in France or the United States, and have acquired a unique experience of innovation and industry.

We represent French and Foreign clients around the world. Each of our clients is unique to us, and receives customized solutions, adapted to each innovation and its environment.

Our dual legal and scientific expertise, the creativity of our team and our experience of innovation and industry represent our most valuable assets and make Becker & Associés the partner of choice for entrepreneurs.

Our expertise