Our expertise

We focus on the areas in which we excel: Patents only, in Life Science, Pharmacy and Chemistry only. The partners and associates of our high-profile team have all graduated in biochemistry, molecular biology or chemistry. This expertise, combined with extensive training in Patent Law, makes our firm a reference in those areas where Science and Law are in constant evolution.

Technical areas

Molecular Biology - Pharmacy - Organic chemistry - Cosmetics - Food - Veterinary medicine - Drug delivery systems - Genomics - Gene therapy - Antibodies - Immunology - Waste / Soil / Water treatment - Medical devices - Detectors - Prosthetics - Polymers - Surgical instruments - Therapeutic treatments - Biochips - Phyto-chemistry - Plants - Therapeutic targets - Biomarkers - Green tech -Green chemistry - Microbiology - Algae’s - Endovascular devices - Imaging instruments - Biological, medical or chemical engineering - Micro-organisms - Cosmetology - Diagnostic systems - Probiotics - Diagnostics

Patents & Strategy

Becker & Associés protect your innovations throughout the world. 

IP due diligence

Becker & Associés assesses strength and weakness of patent portfolios.

Competitive intelligence

Becker & Associés provides and analyzes prior art searches as well as competitive surveys of IP rights. 

Agreements & litigations

Becker &Associés provides support and advice in any patent dispute and in negotiating agreements.