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We meet each client always with the aim of forming a real partnership, which makes it possible to define their needs and provide tailor-made, individualized advice.

Start-ups, investors, innovative companies, academic research players – your different profiles call for different creative solutions.

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Because we recognize the specificities of start-ups, we offer a start-up package, to diagnose your needs, develop your IP and prepare you for your first fund-raisings. At a kick-off meeting, we will work with you to define priorities, draw up a global IP strategy and plan the course of action.

We look to the long term: you need cost control and appropriate budgets, we are committed to building a relationship of trust with you, based on our expert vision and openness.

We are listed as experts with INPI and BPI France, and can help you benefit of the French government programs to promote innovation.

    We work with you to lay the sound foundations for strong, value-creating IP by :

  • building a solid patent portfolio, the first criterion for evaluation when raising capital
  • contractual support (confidentiality agreements, collaboration agreements, licenses), to secure ownership of your inventions and know-how
  • an analysis of the competitive environment to help you steer your future developments towards patentable, free-to-use innovations.

As a member of France Biotech, an independent association that federates healthcare innovation entrepreneurs and their expert partners, we have been active in the start-up landscape for over 25 years. Seeing our French start-ups grow and sign up world-class industrial partners is our greatest source of pride.

A budget-controlled start-up package

– To diagnose your needs,
– Develop your IP,
– Prepare your first fund-raising operations.

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Une icône d'idée d'investissement

We assess the patent portfolios of start-ups, VSEs and SMEs, at the request of investors, funds and venture capital specialists.

The scope of the assignment is defined in advance, and tailored to the maturity of the project and the stage of the investment.

    We bring our expert vision to bear on 3 essential aspects:

  • An assessment of the patent portfolio, its strengths and weaknesses, and whether it is aligned with the business project.
  • Identification of contractual risks, drawing on the expertise of our legal team and our experience of partnerships and mergers & acquisitions.
  • An analysis of freedom to operate, along with a patent mapping by our Competitive Intelligence specialist.

Our differentiating marker: a constructive global approach and a clear-cut and direct opinion.

Our reports highlight the strengths and vulnerabilities of the projects. We design concrete, pragmatic proposals for reducing risks, strengthening IP assets, and adjusting the company’s strategy to support future developments.

We walk you through our opinion and advice in a debriefing phase, which is key to a full understanding of the issues and risks.

Our aim is to give you the visibility you need to make an informed investment.

Did you know it?

Patents are a strong predictor of a successful exit for investors.

Read the European Patent Office’s 2023 study for a striking analysis between IP rights and access to finance for European start-ups!

Link to the study

Innovative companies

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Small or medium-sized company, with or without in-house patent counsel? International group? We adapt to your size and needs.

To the pharmaceutical companies: we understand your need for broad, aggressive patent coverage, to optimize your return on investment after long years of pharmaceutical development. Our in-depth knowledge of the links between patents and regulatory affairs enables us to offer you maximum protection, through a sharp management of the patent life cycle.

Whether you’re a diagnostics, medtech, foodtech or cosmetics company, you need to get to market much faster, with immediate visibility of your freedom to operate, and faster patent grant procedures.

We team up with you for long-term strategic support, or for one-off assignments designed to strengthen your competitive edge, such as an IPO, setting up a partnership, or acquiring a technology or a third-party company.

Whether attacking or defending: our code of ethics prohibits any conflict of interest. However, the diversity of our clientele gives us a valuable advantage: we can perceive your competitors’ intentions and anticipate their strategies for circumventing your patents.

Our mark of differentiation

Agility at every level, from counselling to managing your patent portfolio.

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Academic Research

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We are proud to protect innovations from academic research, and to support their commercialization alongside Tech Transfer departments (French “SATTs”), research centers and universities.

An expert team…

Academic research projects are often complex and evolving. They sometimes involve interrelated fields. A thorough scientific understanding is essential to draft a clear patent application that captures all the nuances of the invention.

In this context, we draw on the diversity of our profiles and scientific expertise – many of our employees have doctoral or post-doctoral experience – to understand the most advanced technologies.


We understand how important it is for academic players to publish their results and exchange ideas at conferences. Is an abstract ready to be sent out, is a poster ready to be displayed? We rally our teams on an urgent basis, to secure the filing of a patent application before any disclosure.

And close to academic circles

Our proximity to the various players (Tech Transfer, university hospitals, etc.) helps us to smoothly manage the multiplicity of French supervisory entities and academic co-owners. Our flexible processes enable us to adapt to every situation.

Close to you but still independent

We are close to researchers as we are to the Tech Transfer departments. Nevertheless, our independence guarantees objective analyses of patentability or of inventorship.


    If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please fill in the online form.


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